August 16, 2017

The Fight to Keep Online Poker Legal

The Poker Players Alliance is leading the rally to keep online poker legal and fight the hypocritical and prohibitionist anti-gaming legislation from Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and others. Below are details on how you can participate.

First of all, please take the time to join the over 100,000 members of the Poker Players Alliance, if you haven’t already. The PPA is the strongest voice for you in politics and is focused on representing your interests on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. Some of the major players joining the battle are,,,,, and many others.

You can the Poker Players Alliance for as little as $20 – which gets a Member Welcome Packet plus a Poker Player Alliance t-shirt and exclusive information about special events. If you are unable to donate, you can also send pre-made letters to Congress and make phone calls. If you are able to do both, that’s wonderful!

Another great way to help is simply by spreading the word. You can put a PPA banner on your website, post in forums, place a link to PPA in your email signature…there are many ways! Get creative!

The threat to poker is real. Please forward this information to everyone you know who cares about poker and an American’s freedom to use the Internet. We need everyone possible to make their voice heard!